marks of truth

So I just wanted to share a sneak peek at a new art print I just finished tonight and a little bit about my style (or artist statement basically). I strive to create marks where you can feel the strength, realness and beauty behind each one... (which is also why you will only see me selling original artwork). I love showing how color and texture play with each other as different mediums yet they still all speak the same language cohesively. I'm drawn to bright colors (and sometimes pops of gold or silver). I esp love yellow and think people should embrace it more! Why not? Also love pieces that show continuos movement and energy...creates a personality i think.. the crazier the better...bc that's really what we all are, crazy and imperfect at heart. lol See you on IG! @jpelliart 


Just wanted to say thanks to those who follow me on IG! Welcome welcome.. 

I'm here to post some more paintings in my shop..if you have any questions, let me know. I've still been working on my abstract prints before they go up.. and posting my remaining canvas pieces (there are a lot)... I do take commissions, so if there's something you don't see that fits your color palette..let me know!

See you on IG! @jpelliart 

getting my shop up!

Hey so, this is a big deal. Just wanted to stop by and document this day actually because it's finally the day I put my foot down in putting my paintings in my shop. Whew. It's kind of funny because I came across a sheet of paper from Feb of last year of a list of things I wanted to focus on and the first bullet was, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GET A SHOP UP!!" I've been painting on and off for a few years now and it has always been a goal.

So...that being said, this is long overdue. Well, I still have a lot more to upload, but it's a start. I'm super proud of it and showcasing my abstract work in general (paper prints coming soon)! I have a deep love for color, texture and movement behind my this is what you'll mainly see regarding my style.

ALL THESE FEELS actually bring me back to when I had my first very own art show a couple years ago at a coffee shop in Wicker Park here in Chicago. I had such a hard time leaving those paintings up on the walls in a public space (and if you're an artist you'll get this) but they are literally pieces of your soul for the world to see!! I thought, "NO. no. no." But it brought me so much joy knowing they would be seen and enjoyed by numerous people in a space where the coffee shop has yoga classes, music and standup performances. I definitely enjoyed the experience and getting out of my comfort zone with my paintings... will be doing this again soon.

Anyway, be sure to subscribe to the left for latest updates! Until next time! -Jules